How to work in Singapore?

  1. Hello fellow nurses all over the world.

    I'm a student nurse who is currently studying in the Philippines and will graduate this March.
    I just want to ask several question to you guys about getting job as a nurse. Hope you can help me with it. Oh, by the way I'm an Indonesian.

    Here are my questions:
    1. I'm interest to get a job in Singapore, but since I will just graduate this coming March. Is it possible to get a job there with out working experience?

    I was reading about license stuffs, and I'm little bit confused about it. Here is my condition.
    - Since I'm an Indonesian, I can't take Philippine nursing board exam.
    - I've emailed SNB and asked if I can take board exam in Singapore, and they replied that I am not allow to take the board because I can't be registered in the Philippines.

    2. Is it really a need to take the nursing board exam to work in Singapore? and to be licensed there? or can I just work in the hospital as a nurse without a license? or do you guys have any solution for my case? I've asked them if NCLEX can replace it tho, but they still said no, I really need to take the national board exam in the Philippines and being registered.

    But as I read the previous thread, there were posibility to get work in Singapore without license, you think? CMIIW

    3. Since I can go back to my country and work there, can you guys share me how did you spend your 1st year after graduation?
    or what steps did you take after graduation?
    did you go to review center first then take the exams? or did you take the board exams at the country that you wanted to worked at?
    or what?
    can you suggest me too, what should I do to get job as soon as possible?
    I wanted to work at either Singapore or Malaysia.

    So, if you guys can reply this, I will really appreciate it.
    Especially for those foreigner who studied in the Philippines and now work in Singapore or Malaysia.

    Thank you so much.
    I wish you guys all the best in this field.
    God bless you
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