Help! OIIQ failure 3 times

  1. Hello, I am from Montreal. I graduated in December 2016 with a college DEC. I failed the OIIQ three times. I did the review for the last time since I got a 54% and the passing is a 55%. They brought my grade down to a 52% after the revision.
    I am lost now. Is there anything I can do to get my RN?
    I applied to write the Nclex in British Colombia. Which they have told me I can do so and have it transferred here to Montreal. But will the OIIQ accept it?
    They will not give me a clear answer.
    Can anyone help me?
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  3. by   dishes
    If you pass the NCLEX are you planning to move to BC, become licensed and work as a RN there? If so, is there a labour mobility act enacted in Quebec? If there is, you may be able to become licensed in Quebec.
  4. by   Kmakridis
    So I called and the woman was very nice. She told me that you can have it transferred here for a Fee. At this point I do not care paying more, I've already given them 1800$ for the three exams I've written.
    So to transfer it is fine.
    My concern now is BC said that they will review my application. Although some applications do not go through for a number of reasons. Would you happen to know what those reasons s can be?