Florida Board of Nursing Notice of Meeting, advice needed.

  1. Hi there, Im a UK nurse US Citizen living in the UK who applied to the Florida BON for licensure. Only graduating in 2006 I didn't think that I would have enough obs/peds/psych etc to be eligible. Just as I thought I am lacking in theory and clinical hours, however instead of rejecting the application I have received a letter stating the number of hours lacking and that my application will be considered at the board meeting in Tallahassee Florida on 3rd October. It says that you are encouraged to attend but it is not required.

    Luckily I will actually be in Florida on that date visiting my parents on holiday so am lucky that I will be able to attend. Is there anyone out there who has or knows anyone who as been in this same situation. Does anyone have any advice on what the process will entail, what questions will be asked, is there anything I can take with me to help with my application. My transcript journey was a bit of a nightmare cause the university would only breakdown my degree by module and not actual subject/lecutre taught so there is a lot of missing applicable hours that could in actual fact be more helpful to my application but I cannot get any further information from them.

    Any help would be much appreciated, this is such a tough and lengthy process that I am praying will have a good outcome.

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