California RN Registeration

  1. Hi Everyone,
    For those of you who had your registration through California BON, does your processing time change if you're asked by the BON provide additional documentation? Like, if you upload new documents thru the BreEze, it updates your upload date as the "submission date". Does it mean your earlier submission date does not apply again?
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  3. by   Bentolbeng
    What document they requested? I reapplied too here in CA i was wondering when are they going to send my eligibility again.
  4. by   IamPhilipinoRN
    I got my ATT again last week. It took them roughly 8 to 9 weeks to send my Att to Pearsonvue. Then Pearsonvue sent me an email confirmation. So you have to pay the $200 to Pearsonvue after California registration.
    For the documents, if your registration is through the BreEze, you only need the reapply form in the BreEze with your 2"x2" passport picture. Upload through the BreEze. If it's through mail, download the form through the website and mail after filling it up.
  5. by   Bentolbeng
    Im internationally graduate and i took my exam on March 3rd. I reapply March 11. I called them today and said to wait until the processing time passed the date they received my application.
  6. by   Bentolbeng
    Anyways, what's the California Registration?
  7. by   IamPhilipinoRN
    Wow. Sorry. You would get this week or early next week. I took my exams on 3rd March too. I re-registered on 4th March. I got my ATT. You have to continue following updates. Anyway, I am an international RN too.
  8. by   IamPhilipinoRN
    I mean California BON.
  9. by   Bentolbeng
    Hopefully i will! Thank you for the infos
  10. by   Bentolbeng
    Hi a have another question, in your breeze account, when clicked the details what date is on the box?
  11. by   IamPhilipinoRN
    The re-registered is on my account. This is so because I registered online and it immediately captured the day I registered but those who registered by mail would have the day the BON worked on their files as the day of registration or submission. If it took your documents one week to be received by the BON and One week to be worked on, that means it's only updated two weeks after you post them and that's your day of submission or registration. Also, if additional documents are requested when your processing time is up, the day you provide the new information is your registration day and not your original submission date. So the submission date changes for both online and mail registrations if new information is updated.
  12. by   Bentolbeng
    I reapplied by mail. So far no additional document was requested. So I'm patiently waiting.
  13. by   IamPhilipinoRN
    Ok, right. All the best
  14. by   Bentolbeng
    Hi! Just an update. I received my ATT 3/25 almost 11 weeks from when they received my application.