CA BRN minimum requirements

  1. This is just a reflection about the most popular minimum requirement for Nursing in California.

    First and foremost, I want to raise the question "What is the exact minimum requirement of CA BRN?"

    I know I sound cynical and skeptical about this but does anyone ever ask the board what do they mean about their minimum requirement? Is it about the number of hours on clinical exposure, or probably, the units earned, or it can be that we must take a prerequisite subjects. There are so many confusion about that statement, or should I say I'm the only confuse applicant hope I'm not, But still, If the above mentioned were their need I think I'm humbly submitting that foreign graduates are more than and over qualified specially their are holding BSN degree. Does that make sense?

    But then even we are qualified, they will throw us the concurrency policy! seems like a big word though but its NOT! I think it will just make us foreign graduate BSN holder even more qualified.

    Look, during those years of our nursing education (this might be only applicable to Filipino educated nurses only) we take theory classes simultaneously right? And it will come to a point that major subjects such as MS, OB, Pedia etc. were given on the same time regardless of what curriculum you have, because that is the structured class prepared by our school. So, during also those time we do get clinical rotations which was offered in a limited time and you will transfer again on a different area (that's why it is called ROTATIONS), but what I really mean is that you can be in OR for a certain period of time then be transfer at OB ward during the semester that it is offered. And talking about semester, you have 4 entire semester that MS, so if they deemed that your theory and clinicals are not concurrent does that mean you don't get any chance to have OR rotations during those 4 semester that MS were offered same with OB! I don't think so!

    My second view is about the meaning of concurrency. Does it mean that you need to have the same exposure as of the theory is dictating. For instance, you are discussing abnormal delivery is that mean you should be witnessing an abnormal delivery at the clinicals. Spell IMPOSSIBLE and LUCK, even local (US) graduates CAN'T comply with that!

    And what is the reason they requiring us the clinical cases for concurrency evaluation? Why not the whole CLINICAL ROTATION SCHEDULE! that might give a GENERAL idea what an applicant education is. And talk about concurrency, WHY BASED ON THE CASES GATHERED?

    In relation, how about the duties or exposures that doesn't produce any case? Does that mean we didn't get anything from that?

    How about the WARD duties (specially in medical ward), obviously you won't get any case from that, DOES THAT MEAN WE DON'T LEARN FROM THAT EXPOSURE!

    It is just plain opinion and thoughts. no hates please!

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  3. by   nomad29
    By the way I myself, still fixing the additional requiremens! I presented the letter of the additional requirements and said (school) CAN send them (BRN). But after 3 months of waiting, I decided to follow up, the licensing specialist said that I still lack one requirement (clinical cases)! What does my school sent?

    Now I need again to coordiate with them, talk about the distance! :-[