Nurse Refresher Course

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Hey! I am wondering if any you guys have had any experience with Idaho Nurse Refresher course?

I am a foreign graduate and I have a New Mexico single state license. I wanna endorse it to Utah. So I called the DOPL and ask the requirements--cgfns,ces,etc.. and since I have not practiced in NM they suggested to take the Idaho Nurse Refresher Program which composed of the theoritical and clinical components. I finished the theory part and is now looking for institutions to do my clinical hours. However, I called several hospitals they do not accept individual affiliation!!! I feel like this is a dead-end! Called the board of nursing and they have no idea where I can get clinicals! I even ask if I can just forget about my NM lic and go ahead and take NCLEX in Utah! They said no!!! I don't get it!! So troublesome! Does anybody have an idea which places accept individual affiliations?? Or if I can take nclex again? pls help!