Where Do I Start?

  1. I am an FNP student with two semesters left of school. The majority of my graduate education I have financed with student loans. I would say upon graduation I will have roughly $20,000 to pay back. I work in Kentucky where the state will pay back student loans for nurses and NPs IF you work full-time in an eligible setting. Right now that is no problem-hospitals meet the eligibility criteria. However, upon graduating next year with my NP, I will either have to find a "public or non-profit private entity" or work in an "independent county health district or non-profit independent agency."

    All this jargon has my head spinning. Basically I know I will have to be selective in my choice of NP jobs IF I want to receive the maximum loan repayment possible. Can anyone tell me what types of jobs would qualify as public or non-profit private entities? The rationale behind this program is to increase the number of nurses in shortage areas. I have already been promised an interview with the director at my current clinical site which is an urgent treatment center for when I graduate. I would love to take it, my only concern is of course, whether this qualifies for loan repayment. My other thought is that maybe it would be worth it to continue working full-time as an RN in order to get my loan paid back before starting work as an NP. Any thoughts or help?? My area utilizes NPs must more now than ever before, the trick will be just finding out which jobs will qualify me for loan repayment.
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