What speciality of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are allowed to perform Abortions? - page 2

Hi! I was simply curious about this, as I know certain nurses can perform abortions (not just OB-GYNs). I'm not looking to start an abortion-related debate or anything here. But what kind of... Read More

  1. by   MICHEDDIE
    Although I'm way late to this party I want to say KUDOS to you for asking this question and KUDOS to all the respondents who contributed positively! I start grad school in January for WHNP and I too plan to become trained and qualified to provide this service but wasn't sure exactly where to look for focused training opportunities. So thank you again! Amidst all the controversy in the country and this topic being on the front lines we need people like ourselves who KNOW this is something women of the world seek, need and DESERVE to have as a safe healthcare option provided to them by competent and compassionate healthcare providers!