Telepsych -Who's doing it?

  1. Hi all-

    There have been a good handful of threads started about telepsych on AllNurses in the past few years, but little responses. Yet, according to a recruiter I spoke to today, it's all the rage. So who are these people taking these positions?

    I only heard of the term a few days ago. On the surface it sounds interesting - seeing OP-level patients in areas with poor access to psychiatric services, while I'm at home keeping my dog company? Sure, why not! Of course, then I start to think about all of the aspects I'm missing when not face-to-face. And what if they need to be hospitalized? What if they need lots of case coordination and I have no relationship with any other people at that clinic (or state!)? Or know the state laws? Some of what I've read up on explains that a nurse is in the room during the session to help, which I can see being useful.
    Then there are the telepsych tech companies offering computer programs and training so that you can set up a private telepsych practice. ....Do they expect you to see patients in *their* own homes?!

    Do any of you out there practice with telepsych? Are you dead-set against it? Is it really "all the rage"? Anyone have a pure private practice with it? What other questions should I be asking?!
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    This was the most legitimate article I've found so far:
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    Is it such a faux pas to keep adding to one's own thread? Please excuse all illogical thought, as the below is more brainstorming than anything else (though I appreciate all constructive input!)

    As my research continues, doing telepsych in schools is an interesting thought. At the c/a clinic where I work, we have lots of contracts with local schools where a therapist will go into the school for several hours. Yet the child has to come to *me* for med management. Lots of kids miss their appointments because they have prior school obligations (like a test), or more so because their parents don't have the time to bring them. With the telepsych, I could "be" in schools. It's none to common that there are so many kids in one school to see who need med mgmt appointments as to fill up an entire day, on a regular basis. But with the telepsych I could "travel" to multiple schools throughout the day, making the virtual in-school approach a practical idea, on my end. I suppose I could even contract with the school to have 'on call' hours if need be....