Shadowing an NP

  1. hello NP's! I will have a wonderful opportunity to shadow an NP and I was wondering if anybody can tell me what I should expect? Will I actually be there when the NP is interacting with patients? What about confidentiality issues and just the weirdness of having someone else there? Should I ask a lot of questions or just quietly observe? I don't want to "get in the way" or anything like that so any insight would be wonderful!

    Also a quick question, are multiple certifications possible? Let's say I want to be a pediatric NP, but then later on want to switch and go into family NP, would I just go back to school and then be both a PNP AND FNP? It's kinda of a weird question but I was just wondering. I'm sure it's difficult to keep two certifications? Plus going to school twice.
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  3. by   jer_sd
    The rules will depend on the facility, but generally hold of asking questions untill after the patient encounter.

    Yes if you want to add another certification you will likley need to do a post masters certificate and maintain two certifications. You can always choose to let one lapse so if you are a PNP and go back for FNP you could let your PNP expire and still see pediatric patients as a FNP. If you go back for ANP it would be best to keep your PNP. Persoanlly I think if you have a cert you should keep it.