Resource for follow-up office evaluations

  1. I'm a family nurse practioner student and I'm looking for a resource to help me with management of patients who return for follow-up office evaluations.

    For example, in the Practice Guidelines for Family Nurse Practioners, 2nd edition (I know there's a 3rd edition) under endocrine disorders there is a section entitled "initial office evaluation" for diabetes. It identifies what to look for in the history, what to do in the PE, labs, goals etc. It then has a section on "follow-up office evaluations" which is exactly what I'm looking for. It identifies frequency of return visits, what to ask in the history, what to focus on in the PE, labs etc. Unfortunately, this edition doesn't do that for many of the other disorders.

    Say for example a patient comes in with diagnosed ___________ (HTN/CHF/ GERD - you fill in the blank) what should you include in your history, what do you include in your PE, what labs do you draw? I'm looking for a resource that gives direction on "follow-up office evaluations" for these and other conditions that require follow-up.

    Does the 3rd edition have more "follow-up office evaluations"? Is there another resource you would recommend?
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