Question about pay for NP in B.C Canada

  1. Hi, I am a current nurse practicing in B.C. I have recently been interested in pursuing NP in near future. However I have been getting mixed information regarding income. I have heard that RN and NP income in B.C isn't that different considering if RN reach that 9th pay grade. I would like some insights from NP who are practicing in B.C

    1. How is your pay structured? (For example are you paid hourly? salary? Fee?) My understanding is NP is not unionized and Canada isn't paying fee for service to them. What kind of benefits are included or are you receiving?

    2. I know that from some research that NP do quite well in States. Some commanding up to 300k it seems. (probably owning their private practice) Can NP in Canada expect to receive a good pay for their education?

    3. I will be shadowing some NP near my work but what does your role usually involve? I have heard that some NP do home visits, palliative care, cardiac management, or some ICU NP do insert central lines and stuff.

    4. Lastly, is there any Canadian trained NP going down to states to open practice or get hired? Do Canadian trained NP get recognized as FNP? I know that NP in states are divided base on specialty like ARNP, ACNP, FNP and so on. If Canadian NP get trained as ACNP like from BCIT i believe, do U.S recognize it?

    I know that for some it is a sensitive topic to talk about your pay. and since it is a forum where our identity is hidden, I would appreciate if you can share your knowledge. By all means, I am not pursuing NP for the money, but I think doing the research to know exactly what I can expect after graduation is also important aspect prior to pursuing anything.

    Thanks for your expertise!
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  3. by   Kissunshine
    I'm not sure about NP in BC but I just started my Primary NP program in Ontario. The salary for NP in Ontario is expected to be in the 115K-135K in the next few years, apparently the government just funded a lot of money for NP position.

    I live and work in the US since last year and I decided to do my NP in Canada because it's much easier to get licensed in the US with a Canadian education than the other way around. I wanted to have the liberty to work in both countries that's why I choose to go with the safest option.