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  1. Does anyone have any advice regarding the PNCB PNP-PC exam?

    I will be graduating in early December and then I'm testing.

    What books, if any, did you all use to study for the exam?

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  3. by   PediASL
    I used the PNP Certification Review Guide and supplamented each section with a more detailed reading of Nelson's Textbook of Pediatrics.

    Just one persons experience. Look through various materials, and choose those that you think will work well for you.

    Good luck!
  4. by   b-girl
    Thanks for the reply.

    I have the Core Curriculum for PC-PNPs, the Core Curriculum Review guide, and my class textbook.

    I'm not sure if I should supplement with another review book.

    Blah, I'm not excited about this exam
  5. by   b-girl
    I'm bumping this thread hoping to get a few more replies.

    I'll be taking the test in the near future. Any tips? Any good study guides out there?
  6. by   b-girl
  7. by   dansingrn
    Check out the NAPNAP conference...its coming up in April in Nashville. There is a 2 day review course that comes highly recommended to me by all I know who have attended. I am going to graduate with my MSN PNP in May...I'm as interested in responses to your post as you are! It is expensive for me to go to the review course, but I think it will help my nerves!
  8. by   PackMule
    The certification review guide and a good review course is about all I needed and felt prepared for the exam. Knowing general test taking strategies is almost (if not more important) that the knowledge itself sometimes I think.

    Good Luck!
  9. by   b-girl
    I took the exam, the other week, and passed

    I found the best way for me to review was to go illnesses of each system, in my textbook.

    I went in feeling pretty well prepared, and I definitely knew my stuff when I was taking the exam.
  10. by   dansingrn
    Congratulations b-girl! I can't wait to say I took the exam and passed! Which exam did you take, ANCC or PNCB? How long did it take to receive your results?
  11. by   b-girl
    I took the PNCB PNP-PC exam.

    It took about 45 seconds for my results to print, and what a nerve wracking 45 seconds those were

    Like I said I went over each system, in my textbook, taking notes on things I didn't feel like I knew well. I then went over my notes once. I also reviewed my developmental milestones and Immunization schedules. I went in feeling well prepared.