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  1. Anyone working in an ED OBS / ED Clinical Decision Unit? I recently accepted a position in CDU & would like to hear from you! Tips & tricks, common pitfalls & frustrations, your favorite reference (hardcopy or phone app), and what you wish was different/improved in your CDU/OBS unit. Thanks!
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  3. by   YoutubeTheNP
    I worked CDU for over 3.5 years. I loved it. I have been out of it for 8 months and miss it so much I'm going back. What city will you be working in?
  4. by   Nurse_Ratched
    Thanks Youtube, I am on the east coast, in Delaware. Where did you go from CDU? What drew you back?
  5. by   YoutubeTheNP
    I would have stayed if the hospital renewed our company's contract. But our CDU was slow and not making a lot of money so hospital closed it. I went back to urgent care and just hate it. A spot opened up at a different location for my company so I'm going back.

    CDU is awesome. Mainly protocol driven unit but there are plenty of times where we go off protocol. I've found the cdu to be a major safety net for the ER. I've found PEs, aneurysms, and strokes from lousy, rushed ER visits. It's a great unit to be on. Only downside is you are flipping patients fast, usually 24 hours or less and so the documentation is time consuming. What is your rate? I get 70/hr.