NPs, what do you think of jobs that say "RN/ARNP"

  1. Should I be automatically wary of these types of positions?

    There are a few posted in the area that look intriguing, in specialty areas like fertility and plastic surgery. I work in primary care now, but eventually I would like to break into specialty care and wonder if these types of jobs would be a way to do that?

    the job descriptions mention nursing duties but are generally short.

    I have not contacted the practices yet, what are some key things to ask? Or would you automatically run the other way from these types of job postings?
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  3. by   ANPFNPGNP
    Obviously, they are going to expect you to do all the RN work along with the NP work. I guess it just depends on how you feel about this. I've done my own injections, wound care, etc. before and I don't have a problem with it...time permitting. However, there are a lot of NP's who do have a problem with it.
  4. by   jer_sd
    One thing to also think of this may be more of a physician support role not a provider role. I see a lot of these for laser clinics where they want a RN/PA-C/NP since thoes credentials allow laser and injectable work. You might be more of a case management role for fertility. It might let you break into a specilty but you might not maximally use your NP skills.

    THey may only want to pay RN wages as well.