NP Residency Programs?

  1. Hello all it's been a while since I've posted. I was previously NJ_1987. Since the last post I've done something I never thought I would do. I changed from PNP to FNP. But that's for a whole different post. My graduation year isn't until 2013 but I was wondering if there were such a thing of residency programs for NPs just to guide them into their new role like new grade rn programs? I have never heard of one...just wanted to know if there were any out there. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   edogs334
    I'm not an NP (I'm an ICU nurse atm), but I have the same question. My hospital uses NPs extensively, but I've never heard of a formal residency program for NPs- at least not at my hospital (or the others I've worked for). I think having a residency program makes every bit of sense, though- especially if you're, say, a brand new ACNP in specialty unit such as Neuro or CV ICU. There's so much specialized knowledge you need to learn that's specific to a particular critical care specialty. The lack of NP residency programs is why I think hospitals like to hire NPs with experience in a particular kind of unit (for specialized areas such as the ones I mentioned).
  4. by   Dr.Naija_Queen
    Thanks for the response edogs334. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any other postings. It would make sense that hospitals would only want NPs with experience. I'm a little nervous about when I graduate and how I will smoothly enter my roll.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    There are a few and some have been posted her on Do a search and the links to the older posts will appear. What specific specialty were you looking for?
  6. by   Dr.Naija_Queen
    Thanks I will search a bit. I am interested in pediatric primary care. But I am willing to broaden that out to primary care of all ages.
  7. by   mom2cka -- this one sounds great - but it's not in my area I bet the competition is fierce!
  8. by   juan de la cruz
    OP, the link above is your best bet based on your interest. I believe that there will be more NP residency programs opening up in the years to come in response to the IOM's recent publication on the future of nursing which recommends the implementation of nurse residency programs. You have a ways to go before graduation...there are other positive things that may be happening in advanced practice nursing other than the widely contoversial DNP movement (i.e., implementation of consensus model, IOM recommendations).
  9. by   lowrylb
    I had been looking at the MD Anderson Oncology NP residency. I have heard a lot of good things about it but have chosen to not go into that area. I'm sure its highly competitive but would be a great experience.