NP in Denver, Parker, Highlands, Castle Rock, Littleton, Louisville, Lakewood, etc?

  1. Hi, I'm a second year nurse practitioner student. I just recently relocated to the Denver Metro area and attend the UCCS NP program. I am looking for a preceptor that works out of Denver or any of its surrounding areas. Possible areas include Denver, Parker, Highlands, Aurora, Castle Rock, Littleton, Louisville, Lakewood, etc. I am looking to start during the Spring semester. This semester run January-May; however, I will need only 90 hours in adult care. If you are a nurse practitioner and willing to take on a student, please reply. I would really appreciate it so much. If you are a nurse practitioner student and have previously worked with a preceptor in these areas that you would recommend, I would appreciate your reply. I can also work with physicians, but would prefer to be precepted by a nurse practitioner for obvious reasons.

    I work in a float pool and have the ability to work around the preceptor's schedule. I have over two years of emergency experience. I am a hard worker and have obtained a 4.0 GPA. I am organized, able to work as a team player, and dedicated to my degree. I would be ecstatic to start connecting with some nurse practitioners in the area and potentially have a mentor. Please, please reply if this sounds like you or someone you know. Another way to contact me is through e-mail:
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