Not sure what to do about a job -- need advice.

  1. So, I work on a telemetry/neuro floor now, have worked there for 2 1/2 years. I'm burnt to a crisp, although i do love my co-workers, and I undoubtedly get great clinical experience working there.

    I was just offered a job for which I interviewed at a rehab facility. Granted it's not as clinically challenging as my current unit, but I might be learning some new stuff about rehab. The best thing about it is it would be 10 times less stress than my current job. Probably even 50 times less stressful. It's a brand new beauitiful facility, small staff, no phones, private rooms, great company to work for.

    In a nutshell, I'm also in grad school to be a NP, which is stressful in itself. I also have 2 kids still at home, one w/ special needs -- and i've chosen to try to teach my youngest at home for a year, for personal and other reasons that will greatly benefit him.

    Should I stay in the better clinical learning environment, or should I take the less stressful job while in grad school, and while caring for my family? I want to do what's best for my career, but also what is best for my health and family.

    Any advice is appreciated. BTW, I am also 47 years old this year and just am exhausted after 2 days a week at my current job along w/ school. It's all just a LOT for me.
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  3. by   mom2cka
    I work in rehab and like it - but there's not a future for me there. That doesn't mean I won't get as much out of is as I can while I'm there, though! I've been there 3 years, since I started as a new grad, and though might not be able to read an EKG, I can whip out a FIM assessment in a few minutes, educate a patient and family rather well, and can do a pretty good physical assessment too. I'm in grad school with 3 at home, and so far its working well. I've spoke to HR, who said it's really about what you do, performance reviews, clinical experiences, and involvement, not what floor I'm on. I work with ages 14 and up, so get quite a bit of experience with the adult ages, though less with the kids. Having my own, I hope, will help for that piece in my FNP program. Though I learn things when I float to other units, and value that experience, I think rehab is challenging in its own way. Good luck with whatever you decide!