National Health Service loan forgiveness

  1. Has anyone had any experience in applying for or receiving NHS loan forgiveness for working in an underserved area? I'm considering working in an nationally funded clinic that qualifies per the NHS, but I know the loan forgiveness isn't guaranteed. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Sheri FNP-C
    I just went on an interview at a clinic that qualifies. The administrator told me that it is a "definite" that you will get up to $50,000 loan repayment as long as you work for the clinic for at least 2 years AFTER you have applied with the NHS. However, I found that the NHS is not currently accepting applications. You can sign up at their website for email notification when they start accepting applications again. Also, if you only have $10,000 in student loans, you can only get $10,000 forgiven.

    I wish I knew more. Maybe someone else will reply.
  4. by   BCgradnurse
    Thanks for the info. I did sign up for email notification. My state also has a loan forgiveness program, but the funding for that is in jeopardy. I just accepted a position at a clinic that qualifies for both programs (although I can only make use of one-no double dipping!). I have my fingers crossed that one or the other works out.....I have a pretty big student loan debt.
  5. by   FNPdude74
    I was looking into this program as well. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and I recently got accepted into the Fall 2009 University of Hawaii at Manoa Family Nurse Practitioner Program. I looked at the website but I all I found was links to obtain deferment forms. Does anyone know where I could get the actual application forms for the program? I know they have this "Loan then commit at least 2 years in a rural area" deal but I want to find the application for this.

    On another interesting note, I am a new BSN graduate this May 2009. I do plan on getting bedside RN experience and transition to the FNP role, probably through the active duty Air Force after I graduate with my masters.
  6. by   gatornurse2
    Hi I am extremely interested in learning more about NHS loan forgiveness. Was it worth it? And how was the pay like? Thank you!!
  7. by   BCgradnurse
    It was worth it! I finished my 2 year service commitment last October and happy to say I am student loan free! I still made a decent salary at my clinic, plus had the $ to pay off my loans. I've moved on to a private specialty practice, but I'm very glad I got the community health center experience.