Is it really worth It?

  1. Is it really worth pursuing a masters degree in nursing. Many of the NPs i've run across tell me it's not worth it.

    1. You do many of the same tasks as the doctor but you get paid 2 to 3 to 4x<$
    2. It's extremely stressful b/c your being used & taken advantage of.
    3. THe pay increase is not the much more than the BSN. (not for crnas)
    4.The biggest nag I here is that You all do the majority of the work while the doctors sign off or just get called. The doctors are portrayed as lazy and insensitive.
    5. If anything goes down lawsuits are easily directed towards you. If the doctor gets sued he may then turn around and sue you.
    6. Also there are greater job opportunities,security,flexibility for RNs than APNs.
    7. student debt,etc.
    One APN said if she knew about this she wouldn't have even wasted her time for a $12,000^ There is greater responsibility for the patient and you are held to a higher accountability like a doctor.
    8. You constantly have to prove yourself.

    Be honest! Does this sound like ignorance or what? I was told to only pursue APN if you enjoy a challenge but then again why not go to medical school?
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