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Hey Cardiac NP - talk to me!!! - page 2

Hi! After careful consideration, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I want to be a cardiac NP. This may seem strange as I am still a relatively new nurse (have a little more than a... Read More

  1. by   calijaz
    This thread really interests me. I am working on my FNP, I have two years of RN experience in CCU and have a great interest in cardiac care, however I am open to other areas as well. I chose FNP over ACNP for various reasons including because there seems to be a wider range of opportunities for FNPs and my husband's job will determine where we end up. All of the NP's I work with in hospital are FNP's and they work in the office and the ICU's. I am young right now and would not mind hospital work/call/ long hours for a few more years, but not forever. I have taken a graduate level APN cardiac class as well as an APN 12 lead class just to further my knowledge.

    I guess I was just going to see if anyone would like to recommend any cardiac specialty certification programs through universities, as my program doesn't have one. I am well aware that because I am going to be an FNP I am not as specialized for this type work as an ACNP, but I am just looking at various options. Thanks for any response!
  2. by   acemanti
    great discussion, thanks
  3. by   acemanti
    very interesting..