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    I'm a practicing FNP and was wondering after about 5 years of being an FNP in Family Practice in the USAF, would specialty practices in the civilian sector such as cardiology or any surgery specialty utilize FNPs without such specialty experience, but has long time experience in family practice? I know it depends on who is hiring, but have you seen this happening? I'm thinking of going into the reserves after around 5-6 years of active duty and finding a "specialty" FNP job that would be in the realm of cardiology, emergency medicine, any surgical specialty. Now for ICU specialties, I think I already know that ACNP certification is pretty much required now days especially due to our scope of practice.
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    I went into a specialty practice after 2 1/2 years of internal medicine practice. I was hired because of my IM experience. The practice owner told me he wanted someone who could see the big picture of the patient's health.
  4. by   delfin
    I went into a specialty after one year as an FNP. I don't think you would have a hard time transitioning into a specialty and your general experience is actually a huge benefit. The trick is finding a specialist group willing to do a little training and so far I have found that to be pretty easy.