1. If working in Endocrinology was my interest, what type of NP program should I be considering? Secondly, if I chose to do ER later, would it be easy to cross over?

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  3. by   hcmanp
    I would strongly recommend an FNP program rather than ANP. You will have many more employment possibilities. Pediatric endocrinology is a great opportunity for NPs, but adult is great, as well. With 20.8 million diabetics and growing (no pun intended) in the US, this is a wonderful field to work in. Very interesting, particularly if you like cardiology, nephrology and hematology. Also of note is the fact that hiv+ individuals frequently are diabetic, so there's that specialty, too.
    We have a hard time here in the midwest finding good endo docs. There would be a great need, I would think, for NPs in this area in the field of endocrinology. It's a fascinating field. (stay away from thyroid patients though, they are not much fun in my opinion). If I decide to leave my job (which I think I will not), I'd go back to clinic endo in a heartbeat...I do endo right now, but in the Correctional setting.
  4. by   Tyler1111
    I'm type-I diabetic myself and I'm sure that I would love it. Going to the endocrinology clinic over the last 4 years has really sparked an interest in the field for me. I see an ARNP 3/4 times each year. I feel that as someone with the disease, and a solid understanding of the disease, that I would be excellent in treating the disease and relating to my patients.

    I'm in the Midwest and I'd like to stay, it would be nice to know that I'd have job security.

    Besides ENP programs which there aren't many of, would FNP be the second best training for ER work?
  5. by   hcmanp
    Can't say for sure. You'd have to do your homework. I do not feel that I got any ER type training in my schooling, but I was shooting for private practice, which is what I did most of my preceptorship in. I did do some FastTrack/ER stuff, but it was mostly primary care after hours. I think if you precepted in an ER setting, you'd do better, but you won't get much endocrine clinic patient type exposure in ER...maybe some super high DKAs and super low oopses/insulin OD, but actual pt ed, I don't think so, but I could be mistaken. Be interesting to hear what others think. Might try asking the question on the ER forum. BTW, I was in an ER shadowing somebody, and a PA was on staff. She was very competent, and felt she had gotten good training for that in school (out east somewhere). But that was what she had focused on in school. I hate to suggest it on a nursing site, but maybe consider PA? Just a thought. I am not sure how your crossover idea would work out. Sorry