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  1. I am currently a BSN student. I will graduate in June, and am very excited to enter the work force after years of being a broke student. I know that in the near future, after gaining some work experience and paying off some debt, I want to continue my education. My first thought was to attempt to get into Med-School, osteopathic medicine has interested me for a while (I like the holistic model they use). Lately I have been thinking more seriously about becoming an NP because I have a nursing background and it is a big paradigm shift to jump from nursing to medicine. The only thing that I think would be cool to do that NPs can't do is surgery. Right now I am undecided because I have no work experience.
    Anyway, I am very interested in neurology, and I am going to try to get a job on a good neuro floor after graduation to gain experience. My question is, if I do decide to become an NP, what specialty should I go into in order to get work in the neuro area or neuro-psych area. I was thinking FNP looks like a versatile area.

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