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    Are there any Columbia PMHNP grads or students out there? I was accepted to UCSF and Columbia and am having a very difficult time choosing between the two. I have heard a lot of horrible things about Columbia's ETP and NP programs, but I am not sure how much they apply to the PMHNP specialty. UCSF is #1 and I've heard all good things. The problem is I have lived in NYC for 7 years, and so I've been able to develop some solid and amazing relationships. I cannot conclude whether or not it is worth it to uproot for UCSF's PMHNP training. Any advice at all would be much appreciated. One of the things that really turns me off about Columbia is the ridiculous class size for the ETP portion. But maybe it's worth it to put up with that for one year. I just don't know.
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    I sent you a PM but I'm not sure if you got it. I graduated from Columbia's PMHNP program in 2011 and I was really happy with it. I did ETP and I was very much less than happy with it. The good part was that it was only one year (ETP, that is).

    I had fantastic clinicals and professors in the Master's program and was offered a job at one of my clinical sites.

    I'd be happy to discuss more in detail; let me know what other questions you have.