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I'm considering ACNP any advice for a fairly new RN with >10 years emergency medical experience in a medic role. Nurse Practitioner mirrors my experience with exception of higher education and script privilege reason for my career change. I'm interested in the nurse model vs medicine.

Considering other career APRN path as well but will shadow both for ultimate decision. Thanks!

Also adding I will be either working CVICU or MICU as a bedside nurse soon.... step down currently with anticipated experience strong within acute care/critical care nursing background

I enjoy reading lab values and breaking down data in comparison to patho, advocating for patient and reassessing education needs. I also would enjoy being able to carry over my advance skills from medic life and adding this to an APRN role in future. Ex. Central lines, intubation etc. This is one reason NP is a good choice down the road. What do you think NPs ?????

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juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

Specializes in APRN, Adult Critical Care, General Cardiology. Has 29 years experience.

I personally think you can be a good candidate for an AGACNP program if your interest lies in the Critical Care specialty. Be aware that although there are now many Acute Care NP's practicing in various ICU's across the US, there is no guarantee that you would easily find a job in Critical Care but you can imporve your chances by working as a nurse in an ICU setting which sounds like your plan already. There are also a number of Critical Care NP fellowships now, if you are willing to go through it.

Thanks for sharing info on NP fellowships, will definitely look into this. From more research NPs sound to have a bright future based on baby boomer population and MD shortage. As you implied for this reason I can see a problem with job security once the market is further saturated. Great factors to consider. Will add to my further pondering, note taking and more answers to seek for ultimate decisioning down the path traveled. Thanks again!

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