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Nurse Practitioner

by c_2014 c_2014 (New) New

Hi everyone,

I found similiar topics, but none that directly answers my questions. I am looking into applying for the Nurse Practitioner program, but just wondering if there is anyone who applied who can give me some details as to what they are looking for. I have a good GPA, but what other additional things do they want (i.e., volunteering? what type?). What types of questions do they ask you during the interview? Any type of information about the application process would be great! :)

If there is anyone who works as NP was it hard to find a job? How is the role itself?

Also, if any of this is relevant...I live in Canada. I am a RN with just over 2 years of experience in the acute care setting. If I get accepted, when I start the program I will have 3.5 years experience.