Nurse Practitioner Residencies in Colorado?


Hi all!

I am writing to you today as a graduate student soon to be AGNP! I graduate in December, hope to take boards by end of January and so am looking for my first job.

I currently live in the Cleveland, OH area but my wife and I have considered moving out west for a long time and have decided that getting my first job in a new state may be the best way to get us out there; now or never sort of thing! We have settled on Colorado, and are thinking about moving to either Denver or Colorado Springs. Planning on flying out there in the next month or two to scope some things out.

So I am mainly asking any nurses/nurse practitioners in those areas if you know of any health systems that do NP residency/fellowship/externship programs.

I did a Google search and so far was only able to come up with a program affiliated with the University of Colorado, Denver, that requires your ACNP.

I saw Peak Healthcare had a primary care residency in 2015 but couldn't find any information for current programs.

I know these type of programs usually start opening up around this time of year for start dates in June or July so that is why I am asking for some help.

Also, any advice on getting your first NP job and all your licenses in a completely new state would be much appreciated. Or, any info about practicing in Colorado that you think a new grad may want to know (Colorado has more full practice authority compared with OH for example).

Thanks in advance for your help, this community is a great source of help and information!