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I was just reading an article about how the risks to our patients goes up with the more patients we have. This got me thinking I work in a bigger hospital on a surgical floor on days the max that we could run with is 7 pt to every 1 nurse. This usually doesnt happen but we do almost always run with 6 pt a piece and I said before our floors a busy one its a very odd day if you don't d/c at least 2 people and get new pt. Here lately it seems like we've all have a competition to see who can d/c their whole team before the other nurses. Its getting crazy! lol Enough about that though I was more so wanting to know what kind of staffing ratios everyone else runs with and what setting they work in. Oh and by the way I live in missouri and currently work under my LPN for about another week. :bowingpur sorry i hadnt seen that one before and thought it was cute so i had to use it lol



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