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Hi. My name is Rebecca and I am doing some research for my boss. I work at Fisher-Titus Medical Center in Norwalk, OH. I am an Admnistrative Assistant for the Vice President of Nursing. I have been searching on information for Nurse/Patient Ratio or Nursing hours per patient day. I was wondering if any could give me there Nurse/Patient Ratios from your hospitals (including the name of the hospital). This would be very helpful. Also if anyone knows of any internet sites that would have this kind of information that would also be very helpful. I've been working on this for three days.

I hope this is not too late to be useful. I work at Doctors Hospital Nelsonville (an OhioHealth affiliate. Our ratios are based on patient categories, as follows:


2 RNs at all times. 1RN to 2-Category 2 or 3 patients.

an LPN with adequate skills may care for a category 2 or 3 patient if a second RN is unavailable.

1RN for every Category 1 patient.

Category 1 is a patient with multisystem problems, on vent, or with multiple drips and invasive lines.

Category 2 is new admissions, general patient population.

Category 3 are expectant transfers out, stable condition.


1 RN and 2 LPNs for 10 patients

(50% category 2, 25% each category 1 and 3)

2 RNs and 2 LPNs for 15 patients (same ratio of categories)

2 RNs and 3 LPNs for 20 patients (same ratio)

If the ratio changes to a higher number of category 1 patients an additional LPN is added.

Category 1 patients are those requiring total care, having multiple treatments, fresh post-ops, receiving blood products, severely confused or combative, etc.

Category 2 patients are new admissions, have IV drips, requiring treatments, assistance with ADLs, etc.

Category 3 patients are expectant discharges, self-care, no IV therapy or treatments.

Hope this helps!

Check out

If you click on "New Publications", you can order their "1998 Survey of Hours - Detailed Summary Direct and Total HPPD by Patient Care Units"

In my opinion, Hours Per Patient Day (HPPD) is much more useful than straight ratios.

I am not affiliated with Lawrenz Consulting... I am involved with staffing at my hospital and find the Lawrenz information very useful. It breaks down the HPPD by type of unit/floor and gives low, midrange, and high values.

Hope this helps.

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