Nurse- Patient Ratio around/near Maryville, TN

by RiriMorphine RiriMorphine (New) New Nurse

Specializes in Tele/neuro floor nurse. Has 12 years experience.

Hello, I am currently working in one of hospitals (Level I trauma center) in Southern California. It has about 500 beds and it is part of HCA healthcare. I am working in Tele-Neuro department. I have been working here since I got my RN license  (10 yrs now). Our ratio is 1:4 no LVN and we have CNAs. We have almost 70 beds in our floor. Anyway, I went to visit my mother in law in Maryville, TN and I like the area. I wonder if any of you will be able to tell me:

1.  Nurse- patient Ratio 

2.  is there any CNA to help the nurses

3. What is the average hourly rate for 10 years’ experience as a floor nurse?

4. What are the hospitals that close by to Maryville that  are better  hospitals than others around the area 

Thank you in advance