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Nurse Mate Shoes 1st year RN student 2009

by asahi21 asahi21 (New) New

Hi I just joined today and this is my first post.

I cant seem to find any shoes for us men. My program requires the shoes to be white only. No color accents. Any brand names on the shoe itself is not allowed. So I'm in a bit of a bind. I cant seem to find anything for men. I can only find it for women. I found Nurse Mate shoes that look unisex but only come in women sizing. They look comfortable, unisex, and I can get them at a great price due to a store credit.

Any guys out there wear Nurse Mate shoes? What is the conversion from women to men sizing w/ withds included?

Thanks guys, I'm glad I found this forum. I'm going to post in this in the general discussion as well.:wink2:

I'd love to hear about this too, I loved the look of the nurse mates shoes, but I wear a size 12 in mens, and I'm not sure it will work out for me. I also have to have all white shoes for school. *sigh*


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Check out Merrell brand shoes. A little bland, but they got me through NS until I could wear what I wanted to work.

check out merrell's encore moc pro

Hey Fellas,

I found a pair of shoes from Airwalk. Its all white and looks like skater shoes. What do you think? It looks like a loafer w/ one big velcro strap. What do you guys think of velcro? I also found some shoes from Etonic (womens) its $20 more but I thought they only maid bowling shoes. :chuckle

Come to think of it I will pass on the Airwalks shoes. Its come down to 2 brands. Dickies Non-Slip shoes or Reebok Classic sneaker. Both are white. The Dickies looks plain and surprisingly called "Skate Shoes" and I like the fact that it says Non-Slip and looks lightweight. Is this just hype?

The Reebok Classics are nice and looks like it will offer a lot of support but does look quite substantial. Price is the same. I really like the Reebok but afraid that it might be a bit heavy? I'll be doing clinicals 2 days a week from 7am-4pm. I will be in class the rest of the time.


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