Nurse Manager Interview

Specialties Management


HI. I am a nursing student taking a leadership class. If there are any nurse managers out there willing to answer my questions, please let me know or post back with your answers!

The Presence of Expert, Competent, Credible, Visible Leadership

Describe your leadership philosophy and style.

Self Awareness

What has been the biggest challenge as a manager?

What has been the biggest reward as a manager?

  • Workplace Culture
    • Describe how you model a culture of collaborative practice on your unit.
    • How are decisions made with regard to the unit and staff?

  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
    • How would you describe your conflict management style? What strategies would you recommend to resolve conflict?
    • Discuss the effective communication strategies that you employ as a manager.

  • Planning and Controlling
    • What strategies or models do you employ for staffing assignments and scheduling that ensures quality patient care, yet supports a healthy balance of home/work life?
    • Describe how you involve the staff in planning the budget.

  • Encouragement of Professional Growth/Development and Recognition for Meaningful Contributions to Practice
    • How do you support individual professional growth amongst your staff?
    • How are staff members recognized for their contributions to practice under your leadership?

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