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I am a nursing student in a RN-BSN program and one of my assignments requires an interview with a nurse manager or any other nurse leadership position.

The 5 questions are:

1. What are the steps in the budget process?

2. What types of budgeting are there?

3. What are your hospital's budgeting methods?

4. Your role in the budgeting process at your agency?

5. How did you learn about budgeting/fiscal responsibilities?

If I could use your responses in my paper that would be great! If I could also write down your job title and in what facility (email separately) that would also be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

I had an assignment like this in my leadership class for my BSN. I asked some of the nurses during one of my clinicals if they knew of a nurse manager or nurse in a leadership position that would be willing to sit down with me and answer some questions. They were very helpful. You might want to try that. If that isn't an option, you can go to one of your local hospitals and ask to speak with a nurse manager/nurse supervisor. You could even look at linked-in and find nurse managers/supervisors at one of your local hospitals to know who to contact. You could even actually ask your instructor if he/she can put you in contact with a nurse manager/supervisor. Those seem like better options than posting on here. You don't know for sure if the people who respond are who they say they are. It would be better, IMO, to interview someone in person.

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