Which way for me is the best way to go?

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    I have posted here before and am looking for some advice. I have a BS in Human Resources Management and have been accepted to Villanova University for the accel. BSN program. I would like to get into healthcare administration but don't know really which way I should go. I gradauted in 1999 and moved to Ca. Big mistake. For three years, I have been doing temp work and have had some really bad experiences with job hunting. I want to get into healthcare because it seems job recession proof. Maybe I am being a little to overconfident with saying that.

    Should I go the nursing route or get a MBA in healthcare admin?
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  3. by   llg
    It all depends on exactly what type of jobs you will want in the future. If you really want to be part of hospital administration, then I think a Master's in Healthcare Administration will get you into a higher level position faster. If you want to be a nursing administrator, then you will need to get a nursing degree. Hospital admin. and nursing admin. are two different things.

    If you go the nursing route, you will probably have to actually work as a nurse for a while before earning a promotion into nursing administration. How do you feel about actually providing hands-on care to sick people? If that's something that interests you, by all means, go to nursing school. There should be plenty of job opportunities for you when you graduate. However, if direct patient care is not of interest to you -- stay away from nursing school. You'll be miserable.

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