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  1. does anyone have any info on person specifications for unit managers ie combined manager / clinical role??? we are changing to this need some info ta very much
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  3. by   gibsonrn
    i have an interview today for the nurse manager position on my med-surg unit. i have been at this facility for 7 yrs. does anyone have any suggestions for my success of getting this position?
  4. by   DEB52
    On our unit we are doing the manager/clinical role.There are two of us sharing this role.We schedule days when we are in the office and days that we are in charge on the unit. We are not there on the same day except every other Thursday.On that day we have Clinical Team Managers meeting with others from L/D. It also gives us a chance to catch up on whats going on. I work on a High Risk pregnancy unit. I'm new to this position and hope that we can made this work.:smilecoffeeIlovecof