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  1. I am looking for information on unit leadership models and how each position funtions. I am a director of a 40 bed med/surg unit and report directly to the VP of Nursing. No assistant but I do have shift charge nurses (that belong to the bargaining unit). I need help so I am beginning to look at options to put in a proposal.
    I will also be doing a literature search so if you have any suggetions I would be interested in those also.
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    Royce -- when you do that lit search, don't neglect to LEARN FROM THE PAST. We've gone through lots of permutations in nursing management and you should consider some of the lessons (not necessarily good ones) from the 60's,70's and 80's not just the last decade.

    Good management requires three things:
    1. A skillful manager (not NURSING skills, management & leadership skills)
    2. A healthy environment (a facility where the administration understands and values patient care -- not just finance & HR)
    3. A workforce that is empowered (staff who take responsibility for their own work and contribute to the unit -- not just waiting for you, the manager, to "fix" everything)

    When these three exist, the "form" doesn't matter as much as the "function".

    Be sure to look up Marie Manthey as an author, her early writings on what makes a nursing unit function are great. She founded Primary Nursing (something that's hard to distinguish in today's conversations about nursing) and while that is a care-delivery method, it's principles are consistent with a solid, functioning unit!

    Good luck in your quest!