transitioning to management without training

  1. What usually happens is a clinical floor nurse shows great leadership skills and clinical expertise that the faculty decide to promote this nurse to a management type of role without any formal training. Obviously this causes a period of "learning" for the nurse to switch from a clinical bedside role to a management role. It can be even more difficult when floor nurses have never been introduced to topics like budgeting for the unit, hiring/firing, and measuring quality control.

    I currently have to write a paper about this topic and was hoping some people could help me. Basically, my group's topic is leadership transition for nurses and the benefits and/or weaknesses of training or lack of training to make this transition.

    My section of the paper is called an "action item" where by I have decided to find a few nurses in the community who have experienced this transition and give details about their own experiences, making the current trend by health care organizations known.

    I was hoping anyone could help me and qucikly answer a few questions for me (2-3 sentences at most, if that) and if you wouldn't mind me using your experiences in my paper?? Obviously it will be anonymous. I'm just looking to see what is the current trend of the nursing community regarding support or lack of for transitioning roles within the same organization.

    The questions basically are:

    1. What type of health care organization are you employed?

    2. What transitional role did you go from and into?

    3. Was there a leadership or management training provided for you (maybe a pamphlet and no formal training, formal classes, or shadowing another manager prior to pormotion)?

    4. if there was no formal training, what did you struggle with most (budgeting, staffing, audits, communication, repriimanding, etc?)?

    5. If there was formal training, what do you think was left out of the training, if anything?

    5. if there was or was not training invovled, what would you have liked to have been trained in now that you hold the leadership position, having hindsight?

    6. Do you think this is an issue for nursing: promoting bedside nurses to leadership roles without training?

    If you fit the description and could breifly answer these questions I would be soooooo grateful. If you would like to answer them privately, my email is

    Thank You!
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