1. Our facility went through our annual survey this week. I have been through 25 surveys in my career and this was by far the strangest. I had a surveyor ask me to interview a resident while he stood behind the privacy curtain to see if she told me the same things she told him. I really had a problem with this(violation of resident's rights). I was misquoted by a surveyor resulting in a D class 3 tag. The team that surveyed us were rude and condescending and just plain nasty. The supervisor stated to the DON, I love to intimidate your staff and see them sweat and cry. I posted a thread awhile back about surveyors and thank goodness Catsrule brought me back to reality, however, I really feel that the survey process is a way for us to provide better care to our residents, but at whose expense, when the staff all want to walk out? Do you all feel this surveyor was justified in his request? More to the story but just gave sordid details. Thanks

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  3. by   aimeee
    I think that eavesdropping on a resident violates THEIR rights. And the team supervisor sounds like he has some psychiatric problems. The whole point of surveys is to try to ensure our elderly live in decent conditions, not to trip up the folks who are trying to provide care for them.

    Dawn, I think you would get more discussion on this thread in the geriatric nursing forum. Would you like me to move it for you?
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  4. by   bandaidexpert
    Thank you, aimee. Yes, and maybe move it to nursing management too. We received our 2567 today and this survey team misquoted myself, the ADON, DON and Administrator. I was told today we have hired a lawyer. Thanks dawn
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    I would've refused; I would've thought it was a "test question" because it was clearly a violation of resident rights.