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  1. For my senior year leadership class in my BSN program, I am required to interview a nurse manager and write a paper about it. I have not been able to make contact with the few I know to ask the questions. If anyone is able to answer these questions for me, that would be fabulous. I could even call if that would make it easier for you!

    1) What unit do you work on and what credentials do you need to be a nurse manager on this unit?
    2) How long have you been a manager?
    3) How long after you graduated did you begin assuming management responsibilities?
    4) What do you wish you had learned in school to prepare you for this job?
    5) What do you find to be the hardest part of your job?
    6) How much does it cost per day to be a patient on the unit?
    7) How many beds do you have on the unit? What is the 'usual' census on the unit?
    8) On a typical 24 hr day, how many and what type of staff do you typically have scheduled (all shifts)?
    a. How do you determine staffing? Do you use an acuity scale to help determine staffing? Would you share your scale?
    9) What are some quality improvement activities (or hospital wide CQI Teams) on this unit? Why/how did you choose these QI projects?
    10) What do you do when an employee does not agree with their employee evaluation?
    11) Do you have any advice for a new nurse like me?

    I know this is a lot. I appreciate any help!
    Thank you!
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