Nursing Management Ladder?

  1. Hello, I was wondering what the ordinary chain of comand and promotion ladder looked like for a big hospital( the one im looking at is about 1000 beds).

    And whats the highest position youve ever heard a New Grad getting? (ill have a MSN specializing in Nurse Administration)
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    Do you have any supervisory experience at all? How much clinical experience do you have? The MSN in Nursing Administration will be a plus and give you an edge as you work your way up the ladder, but they will also look for experience, natural talent, leadership ability, and emotional stability. I would be willing to take a lower level management position, just to get my foot in the door, and then apply for advancement as opportunities arise. You may have to prove yourself a little bit. Join committees and take on special projects. Offer to give a presentation or teach an inservice to show off your speaking skills. Write articles for journals or newsletters. Join nursing organizations, such as the American Organization of Nurse Executives. (AONE)

    Your resume should reflect increasing levels of responsibility. Team Leader, Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse III or IV, Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Manager, Assistant Director, Director, Vice President, Senior Vice President, President-CEO. The promotional ladder looks different at each facility, so it is important to look at job descriptions. I would certainly aim high and change jobs about every 2-3 years. Don't get stuck in a rut with one organization, if the opportunities aren't there.