Nurse Manager and Risk Management

  1. hello,
    i just need some advice or direction with this. We have to role play a situation in our nursing class. its a big presentation with powerpoint and then the situation afterwards.

    anyway, the situation is as follows: NM overhears staff nurse talking about a patient(Important person) to another nurse on another floor and doesn't relate to patient care. The NM calls the nurse in and says they will have a meeting tomorrow about it. this is where we take over and play out what would happen. I have no idea how to follow through with this. The procedures and what not. We know about HIPAA. Is there a web site i can go to and see the procedures for something like this or a book i could read at barnes and noble? we have a book, but it doesn't cover stuff like this, just general overview of leadership type stuff. i tried reading about it in our nursing books, no help. I really appreciate any help or direction. its much appreciated! thank you.:bowingpur
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  3. by   classicdame
    I like to use the BEER method.
    BEHAVIOR: What is the employee doing or not doing that is unacceptable?
    EFFECT: Why is the behavior unacceptable? How does it hurt productivity, bother others, put someone at risk. etc?
    EXPECTATION: What do you expect the employee to do, not do, to change?
    RESULT: what will happen if the employees changes or the consequences if this behavior continues?

    Then NM can ask nurse what are HIPAA regulations regarding this situation? The NM can correct any false statements. NM can then refer nurse to Nurse Practice Act, facility policies or online training for remediation, if needed. The idea is to get the nurse to acknowledge the mistake and offer a way to prevent it from happening again.
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    Thank you for your response. We have a privacy officer in our skit. Do they always get involved in situations? only for HIPAA violations, right? i talked to a DON at our hospital, she said that usually if information hasn't been leaked outside the hospital, it usually is a verbal warning. The privacy officer would only address the HIPAA violation and not the punishment, right? thank you again.