Nurse Manager O/R

  1. Location: Coastal Maine
    Salary: 38-46K (Low but keep reading)

    )_________________________________________________ __________________

    Don't be put off by the low salary. This is a J.O. to pay some serious
    attention to for the following reasons.

    Location: They say that location is everything and boy does this place have
    it. Located in one of the worlds most famous resort towns on the coast of
    Maine, yet with affordable housing and superb schools. 1.25 hours from
    Portland 30 minutes to the Malls and Movies and nestled in an area of some
    of the best restaurants and Galleries, Theaters etc. This a full 3 season
    resort area not just some 8 week summer colony. This is the envy of every
    coastal fishing village in New England.

    Hospital Environment: 1 O/R set up doing about 30 procedures a month, more
    in the summer, less in the winter. Surgery is scheduled for usually 3 days
    per week and the bulk, short of emergencies like apendecotmies etc are day
    surgery. (For the very serious and very sick, you get sent off to the Med
    Center in Portland.) They have an emphasis on Opthalmic, Ortho, ENT and
    endoscopy. It is as laid back an environment as you could find and lots of
    time for working with the patients, pre-op screening and testing etc. Every
    nurse I have met or spoken with in this place loves it and raves about it.

    The Job: Hands on Nurse manager with between 2 and 3 FTE's depending on
    season. Manager is a working nurse manager. This client is fully prepared
    to accept someone who is now a charge nurse or supervisor who is ready for
    the mgt component of the job.

    I know these people very well, you can live in this town on this salary and
    have a wonderful life. This is the ideal job or someone starting in Mgt or
    someone looking for the "last job" in a great place to retire.

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