Nurse Manager EMG/ICU

  1. Location: Eastern Maine within 30 minutes of Bangor
    Salary: To 56K

    Somewhat different situation here where client is looking for an NM to be
    in charge of both E/R and ICU. This is a 50+ bed community hospital with 4
    ICU beds and the telemetery unit located outside of ICU. They have 5 E/R
    rooms and the E/R is staffed by Physician Assistants and one MD available
    either by phone or comes in when there is serious trouble.

    ICU has 8 FTE's and E/R has 11 FTE's This is a M-F first shift job but call
    is call when you are the NM

    The ideal applicant will come with either both specialty areas or just one
    but comfortable to work in both. This is not high stress and they will give
    serious consideration to someone who is now a supervisor ready to move up.
    Warm and caring personality and a true desire to live in the type of area
    is more important.

    We have made numerous placements here, the applicants love this place and
    the hospital loves us. We have a strong relationship with the H.R. Director
    and with the Chief Nursing officer

    Small city life in Maine in a very attractive river town with good schools
    and that classic New England colonial appearance.
    City is located 1/2 hour north west of Bangor, Maine. It is an easy drive
    to a major city of 90K with all the amenities that you could want.
    University of Maine Center at Orono is located also only 1/2 hour from
    client. This geography also offers some exceptional recreation
    opportunities in a full 4 season recreational area. Housing costs here are
    well below average and you can get some nice property for very reasonable
    prices, some on either lakes or rivers. The ocean beach is but appx one
    hour away. You can live well here with this kind of $$$

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