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  1. I just accepted a home health supervisory position along with one other nurse. She does the RN scheduling from day to day and I am in charge of scheduling the aides for hh, hospice and private duty. I am in search of any computer programs to make this task more efficient. Anyone out there using a certain program that makes life easier????
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  3. by   lisadavis
    we are using a computor but we enter all schedules individually on a calendar. nurses prepare own schedules. admit nurse determines frequency of visits for aides, homemakers etc than gives to staffing coordinator who puts it on computorized calendar. if schedule does not change each month a calendar can be generated. if schedule changes adjustment have to be made. far as i can see doing it this way is no quicker than writing it out by hand. the big bosses claim a program to help with the type of scheduling we do does not exist. i may not believe that but i haven't found it yet