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I work in a cardiac recovery area which is relatively new. We are suffering from a severe understaffing problem. It's a very long story but I'll try to be brief. The hospital allows as many... Read More

  1. by   barton
    COME ON GUYS!!!!

    Are you going to join in or are we just going to complain to each other forever?!?

    Sophie and barton are doing something to help our patients and all of us. How about joining in??? THANKS!!!

  2. by   barton
    Hi All!!

    Take a look at ALL the posts under "General Discussion-Topic: Reply to barton".

    PLEASE join us!!



  3. by   Fay
    It sounds like yuo are seriously understaffed. Don't worry about that place when it comes to your child. When all is said and done, yuor child comes first. No dying person ever said that they wished they had spent more time at the office.
    Our administration came up with quite a solution!! Now, since all we do is complain they have decided to pull from our associate hospitals (or asend us there) to help staffing. Now we can be understaffed in a setting where we don't know where anything is or the policies, etc.
    Safe, huh?