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  1. i have just finished my bsn and now i am looking to move on and get my msn. i am trying to decide on which degree to get to move ahead in my career. if anyone cold give me their advice on these 3 degrees i would appreciate it. msn/mph - msn/mbs - msn/mha if anyone has any input into which one of these degrees would be best to move up into a executive position i would like to hear from them
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  3. by   Gardengal
    For an executive position goal I would go for an MSN/ business combo. I was looking for MSN/MBA. I have an MSN without the others though and have been offered service lineexecutive positions, although i prefer to stay at a unit management position at this point in my life.

    Each of the different degrees will give you a bit of a different focus. Regardless of the degree you will need unit management and team participation in a health system, so depending on your participation, efforts and contacts you can get to the same place as long as you produce good results over consecutive years.

    I personally think that the info derived from an MSN/MBA or MSN/MHA would have been most helpful, although i have several friends who went for an MPH and they do OK too. It's what you do with the initial degree with the middle management job which will decide your professional destination
  4. by   Cqc_Cqb
    Thanks for the infrormation, it is really helpful. I was thinking that even if I decide not to stay in the health care field I could still manage to get a job in a corporation with the MSN/MBA combo. I am looking into move into a unit management position soon so that I can get some practical experience in management. If you have any more useful information I would appreciate hearing from you. Walter
  5. by   ainz
    Any one of those degrees would suffice to get into organization-wide administration or executive level management. What carries more weight is your ability to sell yourself, that is your capacity to provide the leadership the organization is looking for. As I stated in another post, if you want to talk further please email me. I did a similar move with a MSN/MHA type degree. I am currently the chief operating officer of a general acute care hospital.

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