How long does it take to hear?

  1. After applying for a management position and having the second interview, on average, how long does it take to hear from a perspective employer? How long would you wait before you would contact them.

    Sent them a thank you letter following the first interview, which they received and responded to. They set up the second interview, which was done. Now I wait...
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  3. by   llg
    It can take several weeks if they are interviewing other candidates -- particularly candidates from outside the area.

    Did you send them a thank-you note after the second interview? If not, I would do that immediately. Also, whenever I interview, I always ask them about their timetable. "When can I expect to hear from you?" If you didn't get that information at the end of your interview, then I would definitely ask that question as part of your thank-you note. Not only will it give you the information you seek, it will keep the conversation going.

    Another strategy for keeping the conversation going is to write them a few paragraphs about an issue that came up during your interview, but that you didn't have time to explore fully.

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