Getting patients where they need to be!

  1. I am a Patient Care Coordinator in a busy 29 bed ED. Our average Patient days (visits per day) are 130. My staffing is 3 patients to 1 nurse and 1 patient care tech to 10 patients. Patient flow is an issue for me. My liabitlity is in the waiting room. Once my patients are worked up, consults completed, inpatient rooms assigned and orders are written, I'm having a problem with a few nurses who are taking up to an hour to call report and get patients to thier rooms. I've tried offering them help in the form of a float nurse who could settle thier new patients in, initiate stat orders, and package the patients for transport, but they still seem to "sit" on thier patients. I've tried to restate our goal and help focus them on the "prime directive".

    Any suggestions?
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