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  1. Good evening everyone. I am hoping to get some information concerning duties and salaries for nurse managers. I'm sure duties and salary vary with position, responsibility, and experience, but I am hoping I can get some general or specific information from the knowledgeable individuals on this forum.
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    I am a pre nursing student that is almost finished completing my prerequisites for an accelerated BSN. My original undergrad is in business administration. I was curious to know what the duties are for a nurse administrator or nurse manager. Is it similar to operations management where budgeting, payroll, controlling expenses, scheduling, conflict management, team building, motivating employees, and time management are key duties in accomplishing tasks? Do you develop team members such as nurses? I can't speak in specific terms since I'm not a nurse and do not know of all the duties that encompass their scope of practice. I'm only speaking in general business terms. Any input would greatly be appreciated.
    If you happen to respond to this thread, I would also like to know if you have an MSN, MBA, both, one or the other with experience, or experience alone. I'm sure some excellent nurse administrators have achieved their positions on education and experience while others have moved through the ranks on experience alone. For my own curiosity, I would just like to get an idea of the education or experience some administrators on this forum bring to their management positions.
    I know salary can vary, but does anyone have some general figures for common nurse management positions? I haven't seen any quoted on the forums. It could be possible that I have not yet encountered the response to this question using the search engine. If this question has been answered before, I apologize.
    I would like to pose one last question to get some opinions and feelings on a particular subject. At what point does a nurse start to focus on administrative duties instead of the technical aspects of nursing? Maybe a better question would be at which managerial position does a nurse focus more on management and less on nursing? Maybe this might never occur. I know at some point though a nurse manager will be getting paid to manage a group of nurses to obtain a business objective. Is their a point where a nurse manager will be concerned with balancing a payroll, controlling overtime, dealing with employee issues, communicated between different departments, scheduling appropriate staffing levels, developing employees, implementing hospital ideas and policies, and of course completing all that wonderful paperwork those duties require. Do these duties leave time for bedside nursing? I'm sure I will get a variety of responses but I'm very interested in seeing the answers.
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